Denim FAQ

Where is your denim sourced? We only wanted to the best for our product. This is why our fabric is sourced from an extremely established and professional Garment Design and Production house in Turkey. Turkey is also globally known for its sought after denim.

How is the Denim made? 78% Sustainable BCI Cotton + 20% Post Consumer Waste Re-cycled Cotton + 2% Elastic. The Denim is also Oeko Tex Certified, which means that the fabric textiles have been tested against harmful substances.

What is Short Girl's Stance on Sustainability? This was an essential factor when creating the Cici Jean because we wanted to create amazing denim that was created in an environmentally friendly way. The majority of the denim is BCI cotton which is created through crop protection, a reduction of hazardous pesticides, the highest water quality, soil health, decent work conditions for farmers, and improved farming practices. The rest of the denim is made of Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Cotton that occurs at a mill's in house recycling plant, reducing the carbon footprint that would happen during transportation.

How should I wash my Cici Jean? Delicate wash cycle and cold water to prevent color fading/shrinking. We recommend air drying or low tumble dry to preserve the luxurious fabric.