Cici's Story

Just shy of 4'10, I have always struggled with clothing, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans - a wardrobe staple! Cutting my denim was always a quick fix for me, but it resulted in faster wear and tear. This led me to constantly purchase new jeans every year.

The intent of Short Girl Jean is to create luxury, tailored denim for women 5'3 & under of all shapes and sizes. Our current denim portfolio includes the timeless, day to night straight cut that looks flattering on all body types as well as basic, staple wardrobe shades that can be worn forever without going out of style. There is nothing worse than trendy denim that you wear once and never again.

My ultimate goal is that through Short Girl Jean, I will help in giving shorties confidence and power through clothing. I personally know the impact clothing can have on my well being and I think that all females can relate in one way or another no matter your height. I tear my closet apart getting dressed for the day simply because at times my short torso can make it difficult for me to look in the mirror. I am here to change this! My favorite job growing up was in the Anthropologie fitting room where I visually saw customers light up when wearing a new piece of clothing...wearing something that you love, that fits, that feels comfortable, and that looks good can change your day and Short Girl Jean loves to be a part of that!